Supercharge your customer growth with referral marketing through Mention Me

  • Plug in a flexible refer a friend platform
  • Best practice and built in AB testing
  • Uniquely captures word of mouth sharing
Mention Me offers a refer a friend marketing flow that can be customised. Here's an example

Some of the UK's most successful refer a friend programmes are powered by Mention Me

Boost new customer acquisition by up to 30% with Mention Me

Grow new customer acquisition up to 30%

Incentivising happy customers to refer a friend is a great marketing strategy to boost growth.

Be up and running fast. Mention Me makes it easy to add refer a friend to your marketing mix

Be up and running fast

It works with just two javascript tags. Mention Me plugs into ecommerce platforms and tag containers.

Play with it until it works. Mention Me's referral marketing software supports AB testing

Play with it until it works

Don’t settle for less than AB testing by cohort. Optimise everything – from offer types to amounts.

Mention Me enables referral by social media like Facebook and Twitter plus email and uniquely by name.

Unique and effective sharing mechanisms

Select up to 14 ways to share! Social Media, email or word of mouth recommendation.
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What are the costs?

At Mention Me we get paid when you make money.

After an initial set up fee, we charge a percentage of the first order value from new customers that we deliver.

All businesses are different and we need to understand yours before we can come back to you with a quote that works for you. Please contact us to find out how cost effective Mention Me can be.

How Businesses are using Mention Me

Alan Moscrop from Glasses Direct
Glasses Direct uses Mention Me for refer a friend

We've really enjoyed working with Mention Me. The AB testing has proven invaluable and it's amazing how much difference small changes can make to referral.

Alan Moscrop, Glasses Direct

Anni Noel-Johnson from Farfetch
Farfetch uses Mention Me for refer a friend.

The Mention Me team have been great to work with. The Mention Me system delivered really good numbers from day one - far surpassing our previous referral scheme - and we'll be rolling it out across all our sites as quickly as we can.

Anni Noel-Johnson, Farfetch

Why wait?

Boost new customer growth by up to 30% with the Mention Me refer a friend platform